Faces of O'Neill

Shaping our legacy: Past and present faces

Reaching the milestone of our 50th anniversary gives us a time to celebrate O’Neill students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends. It’s about looking back while also understanding who we are today and where we’re going.

Faces of O’Neill showcases the variety of people in the O’Neill School who make our community special and impact the world every day whether they be current students, long-time staff, alumni, or influential professors. Every person connected to the O’Neill School shapes who we are, and Faces shines a spotlight on some of the people who have or are making a difference.

During our 50th anniversary celebration, be sure to check back regularly for updates as we continually add profiles of those who make the O’Neill School unique.

Newly featured:


Eugene “Bill” McGregor

Professor Emeritus

“The school developed during an era of great debate about the role of government in a rapidly changing political economy that has expanded public policy’s use of private and nonprofit sector organizations to produce public value.”

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Christina Motilall


“While having a plan is important, it is even more important to keep progressing in some way. If you keep moving forward and trying your best, you’ll land where you need to.”

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Denise Scroggins


“I can truly say I am blessed to have spent so much time surrounded by passionate faculty, staff, and students who constantly strive to do good and make the world better.”

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50 years at O'Neill