Jennifer Mitchner


During Jennifer Mitchner’s 48-year career with the O’Neill School, she watched the school transform into the top-ranked school it is today.

Her journey with the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs began on April 12, 1973, in the Poplars building, which was demolished in the summer of 2022. In 1982, the school moved to the current 10th Street location.

“Watching the school transition from its meager beginnings into one of the top-ranked schools in the country has been an amazing experience,” said Mitchner. “Working and interacting with the school’s adjunct faculty provided me the privilege of working with a great array of professional people and some of the most amazing students ever—from ambassadors to city leaders, attorneys, judges, members of Congress, forest service, homeland security, and a great many governmental personnel.”

Mitchner saw firsthand the amazing 'real-world' experiences brought to the classroom.

“This is what helps provide the O’Neill School it’s amazing flavor and uniqueness,” she said. “Thank you for the opportunity to serve and be a part of this great community.”

Jennifer Mitchner in black cap by Paul H. O'Neill sign
50 years at O'Neill