50th Year Gifts

$50,000 in scholarships for the 50th!

In honor of the O’Neill School’s 50th anniversary, help us raise funds for new scholarships. The O’Neill Alumni Association Scholarship provides alumni—and friends—with an opportunity to support the future leaders who will work to build a better world. Every dollar fosters a brighter future for O’Neill students!

Donor spotlights: Gifts in honor of our 50th

Kathleen and Mrs. Ryan hold a photo of John Ryan.

Pat Ryan and Kathleen Ryan Acker

Pat Ryan (President Emeritus John Ryan's widow), and daughter, Kathleen, honored John Ryan by making significant contributions to the Ryan Fellowships.

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Gretchen Gutman


Gutman made a contribution to name the Gutman Room in the O’Neill School Graduate Center.

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Glenn Montgomery


Montgomery made a sizable contribution to the Charles F. Bonser Scholarship to honor his mentor, the school's founding dean. 

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Education is a privilege in this country and your contributions make it a little more accessible to all, including myself. This scholarship helps me serve my community and make a meaningful impact on the world around us.

— Sam Winters, 2022-23 O’Neill Alumni Association Scholarship Recipient
50 years at O'Neill